Video Production

man with video production cameraWe are living in exciting times. This is the era of the democratization of video.

You don’t have to wait for your company to be discovered anymore. If you craft a story that engages viewers, the world is your audience.

With over a decade of experience producing for top broadcasters, Moko Media now brings their video production experience to businesses.

We also work directly with businesses to reach them through video content marketing campaigns: Let us Shape / Shout / and Share Your Story.

As a full service As a Video Production Company We handle every step of video production: Research and strategy sessions, story boarding, filming, post production and graphics to final delivery.

Moko Media began when our founder, Jenn Sunnerton, left her career at Discovery Channel to cut out the middleman and help companies build their brand and become their own broadcaster.

Our producers work has been featured on: Discovery Channel Canada, Blue Ant Media, CBC, CTV, CTV Travel, National Geographic, History Channel, and MTV International

As a video production company, it’s our job help businesses break out of the traditional advertising molds. You can’t just create commercials saying how awesome you are and expect people to watch.  It doesn’t work anymore.

Instead we define your ideal markets and create compelling stories and valuable information that they love and want to share.

Broadcasters have had it right for years. Just think of any home and garden show, it’s really just advertisers placing their brand within a great story.

Except not a lot of people are watching TV anymore. Broadcasters used to be the gatekeepers to video, but not anymore.  So it’s time to get where the eyeballs are and make creative content for a digital world.

As Gary Vanynerchuk says there has never been such a leap in communication since the printing press. In a world where more people own cellphones than toothbrushes (yes that’s a real statistic) – it has never been easier to become your own broadcaster with the camera sitting in the palm of your hand.

Take your business to the next level and become your own broadcaster. Moko Media is the video production company to get you there.