Moko Media’s mission is to make sure when a client invests in video, they get a substantial return on their investment.

A video without a strategy equals a massive loss of investment for a company. Unfortunately, many companies big and small have fallen into this trap.

They know video is the dominant field and they need to be a part of it, but when they reach out to traditional ad agencies or production houses, they get an old fashioned commercial, and often they provide little to no guidance about how to use this beautiful material created.

That’s why Moko Media’s Services are three-fold:

  1. Editorial Consulting
  2. Video Content Marketing, and
  3. Creating a digital cloud-based Digital Media Agency for our clients to have one stop shopping.

The first two we do ‘in-house’.  We discuss your marketing and outreach goals before we chat about a frame of footage or production costs.  We want to understand the message you need to reach the world.

Then we define your customer, the person you want your message to reach, and we establish where they hang out online.

From there we can start shaping the videos.  We create videos that speak to the things your clients are struggling with, and position you as the company that solves their problems.  Once we have created fun engaging videos that you love, we begin to design then roll out of this content.  (See Editorial Consulting)

This is often where companies fail. Don’t let yourself fall victim to this. We often encourage clients to spend LESS on video, and hold back budget for roll out.  This is a critical component to digital marketing and where your ROI as a company lies. Don’t worry, we take care of this so you don’t have to learn it.  Read more on Video Content Marketing.

We don’t make websites or have in an house graphics department. It’s not cost effective for the client. What we do is work with proven, established partners to make your overall digital strategy come to life. All while saving you time and stress trying to explain your goals to multiple vendors that don’t really see the big picture of your goals and targets.

To check out a few of our partners check out our Digital Media Agency page.