Richard Gauder, CMS Web Solutions: Is your data safe?

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Website Data Breaches or Compromises

It’s unpleasant and cringe-worthy when you read stories about data breaches or compromises in the news. With more and more personal information being used online for personal, professional or recreational purposes, it can be difficult to track and monitor all of our uses in a day. The average user may know the site or service they are paying for or sharing with, but have they considered where the data is being hosted from?

The dynamic and advanced nature of the internet is often hard to keep up with, let alone the political changes that can affect how and where data is applied. Some laws, orders or policies may prevent or change the way our data is stored or used, like the recent executive order signed in the USA that changes how American data is shared. When it comes to hosting data, there may be a lower price tag to international options that may have a massive cost down the road.

Being aware of these changes in the digital landscape is important, which is why Richard Gauder of CMS Web Solutions wants to help you keep your data safe and to keep you in the know. Many of his clients are asking about Canadian web hosting, and there is no time like the present to get informed.

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