Mike McKinnon: Designers for Web

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Are you thinking about a website make-over?

There are so many looks to choose from, but you should ask yourself how it will perform for your audience.

Designing a website that is visually pleasing and engaging is an art form. A website should have a special creative element to it, making it stand out like Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s David. These works of art are visually pleasing, but unlike traditional art or advertising, the web is dynamic and interactive. Much like playing a video game where you control your character as they navigate an environment. It’s up to a user to find out where to go, and when a game flawed in gameplay or movement are considered failures. Glitches, bugs, incoherent stories or bad flow can greatly annoy players of all types. So too can programming on a website annoy a user or potential customer looking to find more information, despite being a work of art. Functionality is critical, so ensuring that a website is easy to navigate should be as important as being visually pleasing.

Mike McKinnon, founder and COO of Brushfire North, knows that creators are all unique, and though their skills may be developed, a designer and developer need to work together to create something truly legendary. Watch his video on how the two cooperate below;

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