Leslie Hughes, PUNCH! Media: Why you need LinkedIn – even if you’re not looking for a job

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Are you LinkedIn?

Whether you are looking for a job or not, it’s important to take control over the personal and professional brand that is YOU. This platform is a foundation for everyone from entry level to CEOs that allows the building of the unique story of you and your organization. A LinkedIn page benefits you and the companies you support (or have supported) by showcasing all of the goals you have crushed over your career and the highlights that you’re proud of using your own voice. It’s a proven effective way to take command over the way everyone potentially Googling you or your company.

Did you know there are over over 500 million users currently registered on LinkedIn? Standing out in a crowd that large is not as hard as you may think. Now the questions are how can you tell the world about all the accomplishments and successes to really WOW them? What can you do to make sure the real you is captured?

Leslie Hughes is the founder and CEO of PUNCH! Media, and as a social media master she knows how navigate the ever-changing digital landscape – especially LinkedIn. Armed with years of experience and research, she will share her best tips to celebrate and share the wonderful things about an organization and YOU!

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