Leslie Hughes, PUNCH! Media: What to Do on LinkedIn

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The DOs and DON’Ts of LinkedIn

You may be one of the over 500 million registered users on LinkedIn, but do you know the DOs and DON’Ts that can make or break a profile? Unfortunately, some of the small mistakes can make a big difference when building networks, connecting with coworkers, superiors or searching for a dream job.

Leslie Hughes weighs in on where the line is between social, and professional business platforms. LinkedIn lets you tell those people about you and in your own way, and there are lots of pointers that experts can give to help you refine a profile to make it POP in a professional manner. Once crafted, a stellar profile gives you a competitive advantage over other potential candidates and can make you 30x more likely to be contacted by people you want or need to meet.  As a dynamic and highly frequented site, it’s important to not only stay professional, but it’s also key to keep in touch and current with your network. The average time users are spending on the professional networking site is only growing!

To knock-out your audiences, Leslie Hughes of PUNCH! Media has some key tips to ensure you stay a champion of your brand on LinkedIn. Called a “social media guru” by CBC Radio, she will tell you the best practices to make a profile shine for all to see.

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