Heather Chapman, MyGraphicDesigner.com: Social Media Design

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The online world never sleeps! How do a small or medium sized business ever keep up? 

Like a hamster on a wheel with endless energy, social media is forever turning and active. Much like New York’s famous Time’s Square or Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, the signage is alive and bright for the people below to enjoy 24/7. If you imagine your social media space similarly, as though your audience is standing in a large square surrounded by logos and signs, how do you want your brand to appear? If you don’t have millions of dollars or a full-time graphic designer this may seem unobtainable, but on a social media landscape, you don’t need a Big Apple budget.

On social media, having a consistent branded look will help emerging or existing businesses from getting lost in the crowd. By hiring an expert designer who can create a unique look for your business, a logo can have a significant impact on your social media pages. You too can your brand command the attention of your audiences using some simple design elements that won’t break the bank by following some design expert tips.

Designer Heather Chapman, founder of Heather Chapman Design has seen many clients in her years of providing top-quality graphics for an array of organizations. She explains in the video below that by adding a few elements and consistencies, you can create a strong and true representation of your brand.

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