Graeme Powell: What do I say on camera?

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Graeme Powell, an experienced editor highlights how he can best showcase your passions and points on camera.

Lights, camera, AHHHHH! Most of our clients are excited to work with us to create an incredible video to drive sales, but when the discussion turns to them on camera, things get a little awkward:

  • How much make-up do I use?
  • What should I wear?
  • Which is my “best” side?
  • Did I put on enough deodorant?
  • And perhaps the biggest problem: what do I talk about?!

It may be trickier for the non-professional or trained actor to overcome common anxieties or phobias when it comes to being on camera or when delivering public speeches. While there are many tips and techniques to conquering those specific fears, one element can help more than you know in all areas! By bringing all of your enthusiasm to the forefront, a natural confidence can grow despite the presence of a camera. It’s important to be honest and true, because that’s what is going to last. When someone is deeply passionate, the natural excitement can show in a way that is positive and engaging. You can bet that any powerful, famous speeches or scenes in movies or television that have affected you came from a personal place. You don’t have to be a professional, but if you’re passionate it will come naturally.