Graeme Powell: Editing Tip: Film in Landscape!

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Think your footage is TIFF worthy? If you commit this film sin, you’re a long way from the orange carpet.

In a world where more people own cellphones than toothbrushes (5.1 million versus 4.2 million, respectively) the potential for video is everywhere.  With so many Spielbergs on the street, this can lead to the creation of some amazing content for the web. From viral videos to bigger budget productions, there can be clear differences in the amateur videos dominating your YouTube history and a professional, perfect production for your business or organization.

Using cell phones or other mobile devices makes creating content for a small business, charity or other organization is much easier and cost-effective for some aspiring directors. The average phone has a high-quality camera and recording software anyway, why not utilize it? Video is a proven way to be massively successful online, whether it is on social media or a personal website and can sometimes be completed in-house. Video engages viewers and can really capture their attention. Unless of course, you commit the biggest sin in film.

The cellphone sin we’re referring to are the big, imposing black bars that show up on cell phone footage when shot vertically. By doing one simple trick when filming, you too can avoid this rookie mistake. Graeme Powell, ace editor here at Moko Media has many tricks up his sleeve, but this one tip on its own can bring your content from rookie to pro – no training required!