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Leslie Hughes, PUNCH! Media: Why you need LinkedIn – even if you’re not looking for a job

Why you need LinkedIn

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Are you LinkedIn? Whether you are looking for a job or not, it’s important to take control over the personal and professional brand that is YOU. This platform is a foundation for everyone from entry level to CEOs that allows the building of the unique story of you and your

Leslie Hughes, PUNCH! Media: What to Do on LinkedIn

What to do on LinkedIn

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The DOs and DON’Ts of LinkedIn You may be one of the over 500 million registered users on LinkedIn, but do you know the DOs and DON’Ts that can make or break a profile? Unfortunately, some of the small mistakes can make a big difference when building networks, connecting with coworkers,

Richard Gauder, CMS Web Solutions: Websites for Small Business

Websites for Small Business

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If you have ever thought to yourself “my website is a money pit, I never see any returns!”, you may be in need of a web rescue. As Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man)’s Uncle Ben famously said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. For a small-businesses, there is great power in

Richard Gauder, CMS Web Solutions: Is your data safe?

Is your Website Data Safe

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Website Data Breaches or Compromises It’s unpleasant and cringe-worthy when you read stories about data breaches or compromises in the news. With more and more personal information being used online for personal, professional or recreational purposes, it can be difficult to track and monitor all of our uses in a

Graeme Powell: Editing Tip: Film in Landscape!

Video Production Editing tip - film in landscape

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Think your footage is TIFF worthy? If you commit this film sin, you’re a long way from the orange carpet. In a world where more people own cellphones than toothbrushes (5.1 million versus 4.2 million, respectively) the potential for video is everywhere.  With so many Spielbergs on the street, this

Graeme Powell: What do I say on camera?

What to say on camera

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Graeme Powell, an experienced editor highlights how he can best showcase your passions and points on camera. Lights, camera, AHHHHH! Most of our clients are excited to work with us to create an incredible video to drive sales, but when the discussion turns to them on camera, things get a

Mike McKinnon: Designers for Web

Designers for Web

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Are you thinking about a website make-over? There are so many looks to choose from, but you should ask yourself how it will perform for your audience. Designing a website that is visually pleasing and engaging is an art form. A website should have a special creative element to it,

Heather Chapman, Social Media Design

Social Media Design

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The online world never sleeps! How do a small or medium sized business ever keep up?  Like a hamster on a wheel with endless energy, social media is forever turning and active. Much like New York’s famous Time’s Square or Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, the signage is alive and bright