Leslie Hughes, PUNCH! Media: Why you need LinkedIn – even if you’re not looking for a job

Why you need LinkedIn

Are you LinkedIn?

Whether you are looking for a job or not, it’s important to take control over the personal and professional brand that is YOU. This platform is a foundation for everyone from entry level to CEOs that allows the building of the unique story of you and your organization. A LinkedIn page benefits you and the companies you support (or have supported) by showcasing all of the goals you have crushed over your career and the highlights that you’re proud of using your own voice. It’s a proven effective way to take command over the way everyone potentially Googling you or your company.

Did you know there are over over 500 million users currently registered on LinkedIn? Standing out in a crowd that large is not as hard as you may think. Now the questions are how can you tell the world about all the accomplishments and successes to really WOW them? What can you do to make sure the real you is captured?

Leslie Hughes is the founder and CEO of PUNCH! Media, and as a social media master she knows how navigate the ever-changing digital landscape – especially LinkedIn. Armed with years of experience and research, she will share her best tips to celebrate and share the wonderful things about an organization and YOU!

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Leslie Hughes, PUNCH! Media: What to Do on LinkedIn

What to do on LinkedIn

The DOs and DON’Ts of LinkedIn

You may be one of the over 500 million registered users on LinkedIn, but do you know the DOs and DON’Ts that can make or break a profile? Unfortunately, some of the small mistakes can make a big difference when building networks, connecting with coworkers, superiors or searching for a dream job.

Leslie Hughes weighs in on where the line is between social, and professional business platforms. LinkedIn lets you tell those people about you and in your own way, and there are lots of pointers that experts can give to help you refine a profile to make it POP in a professional manner. Once crafted, a stellar profile gives you a competitive advantage over other potential candidates and can make you 30x more likely to be contacted by people you want or need to meet.  As a dynamic and highly frequented site, it’s important to not only stay professional, but it’s also key to keep in touch and current with your network. The average time users are spending on the professional networking site is only growing!

To knock-out your audiences, Leslie Hughes of PUNCH! Media has some key tips to ensure you stay a champion of your brand on LinkedIn. Called a “social media guru” by CBC Radio, she will tell you the best practices to make a profile shine for all to see.

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Richard Gauder, CMS Web Solutions: Websites for Small Business

Websites for Small Business

If you have ever thought to yourself “my website is a money pit, I never see any returns!”, you may be in need of a web rescue.

As Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man)’s Uncle Ben famously said, “with great power comes great responsibility”. For a small-businesses, there is great power in being on the web and it is also a great responsibility. A small company should resist the urge to play small when crafting their site because they could be leaving money on the table. Conversely a larger website doesn’t necessarily catch more flies if it’s poorly set up.

A website is a full-time sales person that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year that drives people to you and your business. It’s a heroic feat for some businesses to have an employee provide that kind of service! By having an openly available hotline to your services or skills that you invest in, you’re ensuring the 83% of Canadians with internet access can find you.

Richard Gauder, founder of CMS Web Solutions, knows that size is relative and when used correctly, a small budget for a small business can make a big impact. In his years of experience, he can tell you that using the right tools, timing and expertise can see bigger returns for your business.

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Richard Gauder, CMS Web Solutions: Is your data safe?

Is your Website Data Safe

Website Data Breaches or Compromises

It’s unpleasant and cringe-worthy when you read stories about data breaches or compromises in the news. With more and more personal information being used online for personal, professional or recreational purposes, it can be difficult to track and monitor all of our uses in a day. The average user may know the site or service they are paying for or sharing with, but have they considered where the data is being hosted from?

The dynamic and advanced nature of the internet is often hard to keep up with, let alone the political changes that can affect how and where data is applied. Some laws, orders or policies may prevent or change the way our data is stored or used, like the recent executive order signed in the USA that changes how American data is shared. When it comes to hosting data, there may be a lower price tag to international options that may have a massive cost down the road.

Being aware of these changes in the digital landscape is important, which is why Richard Gauder of CMS Web Solutions wants to help you keep your data safe and to keep you in the know. Many of his clients are asking about Canadian web hosting, and there is no time like the present to get informed.

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Graeme Powell: Editing Tip: Film in Landscape!

Video Production Editing tip - film in landscape

Think your footage is TIFF worthy? If you commit this film sin, you’re a long way from the orange carpet.

In a world where more people own cellphones than toothbrushes (5.1 million versus 4.2 million, respectively) the potential for video is everywhere.  With so many Spielbergs on the street, this can lead to the creation of some amazing content for the web. From viral videos to bigger budget productions, there can be clear differences in the amateur videos dominating your YouTube history and a professional, perfect production for your business or organization.

Using cell phones or other mobile devices makes creating content for a small business, charity or other organization is much easier and cost-effective for some aspiring directors. The average phone has a high-quality camera and recording software anyway, why not utilize it? Video is a proven way to be massively successful online, whether it is on social media or a personal website and can sometimes be completed in-house. Video engages viewers and can really capture their attention. Unless of course, you commit the biggest sin in film.

The cellphone sin we’re referring to are the big, imposing black bars that show up on cell phone footage when shot vertically. By doing one simple trick when filming, you too can avoid this rookie mistake. Graeme Powell, ace editor here at Moko Media has many tricks up his sleeve, but this one tip on its own can bring your content from rookie to pro – no training required!

Graeme Powell: What do I say on camera?

What to say on camera

Graeme Powell, an experienced editor highlights how he can best showcase your passions and points on camera.

Lights, camera, AHHHHH! Most of our clients are excited to work with us to create an incredible video to drive sales, but when the discussion turns to them on camera, things get a little awkward:

  • How much make-up do I use?
  • What should I wear?
  • Which is my “best” side?
  • Did I put on enough deodorant?
  • And perhaps the biggest problem: what do I talk about?!

It may be trickier for the non-professional or trained actor to overcome common anxieties or phobias when it comes to being on camera or when delivering public speeches. While there are many tips and techniques to conquering those specific fears, one element can help more than you know in all areas! By bringing all of your enthusiasm to the forefront, a natural confidence can grow despite the presence of a camera. It’s important to be honest and true, because that’s what is going to last. When someone is deeply passionate, the natural excitement can show in a way that is positive and engaging. You can bet that any powerful, famous speeches or scenes in movies or television that have affected you came from a personal place. You don’t have to be a professional, but if you’re passionate it will come naturally.

Mike McKinnon: Designers for Web

Designers for Web

Are you thinking about a website make-over?

There are so many looks to choose from, but you should ask yourself how it will perform for your audience.

Designing a website that is visually pleasing and engaging is an art form. A website should have a special creative element to it, making it stand out like Mona Lisa or Michelangelo’s David. These works of art are visually pleasing, but unlike traditional art or advertising, the web is dynamic and interactive. Much like playing a video game where you control your character as they navigate an environment. It’s up to a user to find out where to go, and when a game flawed in gameplay or movement are considered failures. Glitches, bugs, incoherent stories or bad flow can greatly annoy players of all types. So too can programming on a website annoy a user or potential customer looking to find more information, despite being a work of art. Functionality is critical, so ensuring that a website is easy to navigate should be as important as being visually pleasing.

Mike McKinnon, founder and COO of Brushfire North, knows that creators are all unique, and though their skills may be developed, a designer and developer need to work together to create something truly legendary. Watch his video on how the two cooperate below;

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Heather Chapman, Social Media Design

Social Media Design

The online world never sleeps! How do a small or medium sized business ever keep up? 

Like a hamster on a wheel with endless energy, social media is forever turning and active. Much like New York’s famous Time’s Square or Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, the signage is alive and bright for the people below to enjoy 24/7. If you imagine your social media space similarly, as though your audience is standing in a large square surrounded by logos and signs, how do you want your brand to appear? If you don’t have millions of dollars or a full-time graphic designer this may seem unobtainable, but on a social media landscape, you don’t need a Big Apple budget.

On social media, having a consistent branded look will help emerging or existing businesses from getting lost in the crowd. By hiring an expert designer who can create a unique look for your business, a logo can have a significant impact on your social media pages. You too can your brand command the attention of your audiences using some simple design elements that won’t break the bank by following some design expert tips.

Designer Heather Chapman, founder of Heather Chapman Design has seen many clients in her years of providing top-quality graphics for an array of organizations. She explains in the video below that by adding a few elements and consistencies, you can create a strong and true representation of your brand.

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