What the heck is a Moko?

The number one question we get about the business beyond video advertising is what the heck is a Moko?

No, it is not a variation of a chocolate sprinkle in your coffee.

A Moko is actually a traditional face tattoo that’s done by the native people of New Zealand: The Maori.

When we lived in New Zealand I learned that a Moko is your story, your history, your personality and your lineage literally etched into your face using traditional tattoo techniques.

The concept left me in awe. What a brave, and beautiful way to claim and commit to your unique gifts in this world.

So I created Moko Media as a tribute to the Maori culture. I wanted to make it my mission to approach each client looking to help them share their, authentic, and personalized story and strengths.

And so, Moko Media was born.