The Evolution of Video

About our Founder – Jenn Sunnerton

Hi I’m Jenn Sunnerton. I’m the owner of Moko Media.

I want to tell you a little bit about my story and the evolution of the company.

I spent the first half of my career travelling the world for the likes of Discovery Channel and other major broadcasters capturing people’s stories in an engaging and dynamic ways. I’ve filmed with NASA, Boeing, CERN, and have been in the most ridiculous situations imaginable.

After working in the field for a number of years, I then went on to supervise some television series, and even develop a number of show concepts and characters.

But while I was working away creating cool television…something was happening.

More and more people were cutting their cable. Including myself. You could have said it was a major red herring that I worked in the broadcast industry, but haven’t had cable in over a decade.

Now many of my former colleagues would argue that their days are numbered. Budgets are being slashed. There are layoffs everywhere. And it’s true, for the traditional broadcaster, it’s looking pretty grim.

But there was one thing that I kept coming back to: VIDEO is everywhere! CONTENT is everywhere!

People are just consuming it in different ways.

Bad for traditional broadcasters, but exciting for those willing to take the plunge into digital platforms.

So, being far too young for a golden parachute, having three little divas to feed, and a husband with a love for expensive triathlon gear, I’ve spent the last few years learning as much as I could about how people are consuming video.

More importantly, I studied how businesses are channeling this brave new world of online video to drive web traffic, increase audience engagement, build email lists, boost sales leads, and increase online purchases.

While these companies are achieving all of these targets for their businesses, they are also establishing themselves as leaders in their field, and boosting their search engine rankings.

They do this through informative, relevant, and engaging content.

So now, I get to help businesses tell their stories and share their expertise in engaging and dynamic ways.

Today, Moko Media helps companies become their own broadcaster and navigate this brave new world of online media.

The web is just getting more and more incredible. If you become an online resource that people trust for reliable information, you are leagues apart from your competition.

I never could have told you this is where I would end up. Being part of an industry that helps people communicate more effectively and create inspiring videos is pretty darn exciting.

It’s proving to keep Moko Media busy for the foreseeable future.

We’d love to share this journey with you.